DCT view form back

Lift mechanism to raise and lower the unit.

Hinged protective flap automatically moves to protect the screen when it is lowered.

Screen Protector - Click

Power source: plugs into any standard wall outlet.

Power Source - Click

Heavy duty handles for easy mobility.

Heavy Duty Handle - Click

Access door.

Back Access Door - Click

Wi-Fi modem and booster for high speed internet access.

DCT computer, customizable with any software.

On/Off Power Buttons

Power Buttons - Click

DCT View from the back
  • Hinged protective flap automatically moves to protect the screen when it is lowered.Click to see.
  • Heavy duty handles for easy mobility. Click to see.
  • Access door. Click to see.
  • DCT computer, customizable with any software.
  • Lift mechanism to raise and lower the unit.
  • Wi-Fi modem and booster for high speed internet access.
  • Power source: plugs into any standard wall outlet. Click to see.
  • Green power on button. Click to see.
  • Red power off button. Click to see.

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We at Altac Interactive Inc. want to revolutionize the construction industry. We understand this is a huge undertaking, which is why we’ve focused on creating a product that is progressive, rugged and easy to use. The Digital Communication Table (DCT) uses cutting-edge interactive touch screen technology to streamline your communications, procedures and policies, thereby increasing efficiencies in time and cost while cutting back on and even eliminating paper waste. The DCT applies familiar computer technology coupled with the industry’s need for durability, quality, and easy manipulation and sending of digital files at a reasonable price.

The most challenging part of introducing the new technology to your job site is changing habits of the past. By replacing them with an easy to use, more efficient tool, the DCT allows you to introduce the technology with confidence and ease.


  • A contractor responsible for all aspects of running his or her job site can use the DCT as a central hub for all job site communications and file sharing, including:
    • Daily and weekly safety meetings
  • Owner and consultant meetings:
    • These meetings often have a representative from each trade, such as engineers or architects, to present the owner with any recent changes or issues, usually on large and difficult to flip through drawings.

    • Using the DCT, each attendee would have his or her set of drawings loaded instead on to the computer. The DCT allows all parties to view the digital set of drawings on one screen, flipping through each page and highlighting areas of interest with a single tap of the finger.

    • Those who could not attend the meeting in person can easily call in via Skype on the DCT hub, or communicate with on site trades any time through a webcam connected to the system, thereby viewing site progress in real time from anywhere in the world.

    • The Digital Communication Table also makes it easy to zoom into details, and highlight changes in real time.

    • Any proposed changes to the project scope can be drafted right in the meeting and emailed to each party before he or she has even left the site.

    • Safety coordinators have access to any WCB forms or safety videos they need to show tradesmen, and can fill out Hot Work Permits or bring up Material Safety Data Sheets with a simple search or click into already saved files.

    • Architects, designers and engineers find the large format practical for drawing and designing. Because the DCT is not tied to any software, you can upload whatever software or design programs best suit your industry work and standards.

    • Contractors can use the DCT to review installation instructions for equipment without troubling the office for hard copies that may otherwise have been discarded.
  • Company office Project Managers are able to update all files to their employees on site and in real time. Should there be any changes to product shop drawings or installation layouts, the email can be brought up on the large, easy to read screen, rather than printing and delivering costly new drawings or booklets.

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What kind of software does the Digital Communication Table (DCT) use?

The DCT uses Windows and can be customized just like any PC with the software of your choice.

What kind of hardware does the DCT use?

The DCT’s hardware is PC-based.

Does the DCT Wi-Fi work with any provider?

The DCT picks up on Wi-Fi hotspots, or optional cellular carriers.

Does the DCT have email capabilities?

Yes, you can use the email software of your choice.

What are the power requirements?

120V - works with a standard outlet.

Can I pick my colour?

We have an large selection of powder coating colours available to suit your preference.

What if I need replacement parts?

Send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help.


Contact us and we'll be happy to assist.