We at Altac Interactive Inc. want to revolutionize the construction industry. We understand this is a huge undertaking, which is why we’ve focused on creating a product that is progressive, rugged and easy to use. The Digital Communication Table (DCT) uses cutting-edge interactive touch screen technology to streamline your communications, procedures and policies, thereby increasing efficiencies in time and cost while cutting back on and even eliminating paper waste. The DCT applies familiar computer technology coupled with the industry’s need for durability, quality, and easy manipulation and sending of digital files.

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These days, it seems everyone is wired in and looking for green options to run their businesses more efficiently. It’s crazy to think how much time and paper is wasted in the construction industry alone. Simple drawing files which are initially created and drawn digitally are often printed and scanned over and over again. Our goal is to change the mind frame of hitting PRINT, and encourage people to instead send files digitally, mark them up on their computers, then send them directly to the DCT to use on site.

We strive to reduce and even eliminate paper use by providing a file sharing, communication and alteration tool that is practical and easy to use. The DCT offers the construction industry the rugged, progressive, interactive tool necessary to change work habits that are redundant and wasteful.

The most challenging part of introducing the new technology to your job site is changing habits of the past. By replacing them with an easy to use, more efficient tool, the DCT allows you to introduce the technology with confidence and ease.

The DCT’s uses for the construction industry and job sites are virtually endless. Not only that, we continually look for suggestions or modifications to further upgrade our products usefulness, so we can help your business even more.


Brian Bradshaw Brian Bradshaw - Owner & Inventor

Has owned and operated Altac Services Inc. for over 10 years and is a third generation plumber. His experience in both the field and office has driven his desire to fill the void of inefficiency between on site and office communications by creating the DCT.

John Fornari John Fornari - Owner & Inventor

Is one of the best in his field and has designed over 150 Reverse Osmosis water systems in Western Canada. A skilled tradesman, John has over 25 tickets in his field of expertise.


Steve Morgan Steve Morgan - Inventor & Production Manager

Steve Morgan has been in the plumbing industry for 35 years in various capacities. Currently, he is working at Altac Services Inc. as the Operations and IT Manager. He has always been interested in technology and its progress and the use of technology to drive the industry to a higher efficiency.


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